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Slice Master

DX Interactive

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Game Description

Slice Master is a physics-based slicing game where players cut various objects like fruit, wooden logs, and fragile items into pieces with precise swipes of the blade. The goal is to slice the objects completely in half along the dotted lines.

Slice Master gameplay showing sticks and logs cut into pieces on a wood chopping level.

How to Play Slice Master

Slicing – Swipe your finger or mouse across the screen to swing your blade. Adjust the angle, speed and position of swipes to make accurate cuts.

Completing Levels – Slice all target objects in the level cleanly in half along the dotted lines. If successful, you advance to the next level with different items to slice.

Avoiding Obstacles – Some levels have obstacles like stones, ice blocks and glass panes protecting certain areas. Slice around them carefully without breaking them.

Power-Ups – Collect power-ups that enhance your blade like laser cuts, dual blades, freezing cuts and more by slicing them when they appear.

Competitive Mode – Race against the clock for high scores on each level or other players’ ghost times in intense time attack mode.

Tips and Tricks

  • Adjust swipe speed and angle to account for object size, toughness and center of gravity
  • Use gentle short swipes for fragile items and longer forceful swipes for tough objects
  • Learn level layouts to plan your slicing order and strategy
  • Activate power-ups at key moments when facing complex object clusters
  • Keep your device stable and swipe from your wrist for maximum consistency

Master these advanced slicing techniques to become a Slice Master pro! Cut all objects with surgical precision.